Our   rating   process   is   completely   transparent,   reliable,   customer   friendly   and   in   due   form   and   time.   To   gain   a   credible   opinion,   the   rating   process   typically   starts with   an   in   depth   analysis   of   quantitative,   qualitative   and   legal   aspects   of   the   company   under   investigation,   followed   by   onsite   visits,   intensive   discussions   and feedback   rounds   in   the   back   office   and   at   the   rating   committee.   Finally   the   results   are   documented   in   a   detailed   rating   report   and   presented   to   the   company under investigation (or to the investors) at an onsite presentation given by the analytical team. The rating process itself typically follows the diagram below:
A   clear   understanding   where   a   company’s   power   lies   helps   the   enterprise   to   take   fair   advantage   of   a situation   of   strength,   improve   a   situation   of   weakness   and   avoids   taking   wrong   decisions.   To   understand   this power   and   to   ensure   that   all   issues   are   considered   in   an   industry   specific   way,   the   analysis   is   divided   into   five categories: Financial analysis of the company (thorough review of the business fundamentals, the audited annual financial statements of the last three to five years, company’s economic strength, ...). Market and Competition (company’s competitiveness within its industry, industry prospects for growth, ...). Legal due diligence performed by collaborating attorneys (relevant legal documents, regulatory actions, ....). Technological due diligence (vulnerability to technological changes, freedom to operate, ...). Other factors (management team, personnel strength, …).
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Members   of   the   rating   /   evaluation   team   meet   with   the   management   team   of   the   company   under   review   to discuss   in   detail   all   key   factors   that   may   influence   the   company’s   future   prospects.   These   meetings   are essential to develop and refine the qualitative assessments. Review in detail the firm's operating and financial plans. Management’s role in determining operational success and policies. Company’s specific information and business strategies. Examination of operations and products.
Rating Committee: Rating Committee:
Results   from   the   above   quantitative   and   qualitative   analyses   are   reassessed   and   once   more   the   value drivers   are   critically   examined.   Plans   will   be   judged   for   their   plausibility   and   the   management   team   for   their capacity   of   implementation.   Periodic   phone   conferences   with   the   client   company   are   typical   during   this phase   of   the   rating   process   to   discuss   open   questions   and   ongoing   developments. The   result   is   presented   to a rating committee which finally decides upon the rating result or the company’s value.
Rating Report: Rating Report:
Finally,   the   rating   result   is   presented   and   discussed   with   the   client   company.   Thus,   our   clients   do   not   just   get   a   “school   grade”   or   a   “price   tag”,   they   get   an   in   depth analysis   and   a   better   understanding   of   their   company,   its   strengths   and   weaknesses   and   its   competitive   position.   All   this   is   summed   up   in   a   rating   report   that describes    the    company’s    business    risk    profile.    The    company's    shareholders    will    become    aware    of    the    key    factors    that    will    drive    the    company’s    present creditworthiness   and   its   future   success. As   a   result,   they   will   not   only   get   a   profound   understanding   of   the   company's   strengths   and   weaknesses   but   also   an   objective judgment of their investment.
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For company ratings, SciXess ®   closely collaborates with the renowned rating agency R@S  (Munich, Germany).
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Independently, whether we perform a technology or a company rating, we strongly believe that this complex process, consitsting of an in-depth qualitative and a quantitative analysis, ultimatively depends on the experience and the diligence of the conducting agency. Thus, we strictly follow the strong IOSCO  principles to provide you an independent, objective, credible and transparent rating result.
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