SciXess’ strategic services provide not only an authentic basis for your decision making processes, they help you to take the right decision at the right time.
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SciXess ®    is   a   European   consulting   company   located   close   to   Munich   (Germany)   with   a   strong   focus   on   the   Life   Science    sector.   SciXess ® means   long lasting,   hands-on   and   real-world   experience   in   in   the   Biotech,   Pharma   and   Diagnostics   industries.   We   understand the   challenges   our   clients   are   faced   with   and   provide   highly   relevant   information   and   feasible   solutions   on   time   and   on   budget.   Our   extensive   Life   Science   industry   experience   supports   you   in   taking   the right decissions at the right time.
Strategic consulting and corporate development Specifying and defining strategic business directions GAP-analysis and real-world advice to bridge the gap Markets and competition analysis Business support and part time interims management Portfolio enlargement and diversification strategies Technology identification, rating and valuation Identification of potential collaborators / licensing partners Negotiating in- and out licensing deals Identification of potential strategic partners Negotiation of joint-ventures and transactions Due diligence and rating of target companies Asset acquisition and divesting Negotiation of deal terms in financing rounds Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) support
Biotech & Pharma Consulting
Put success on your side ... ... with SciXess!
SciXess’    hands-on    solutions    will    help    you    to    overcome    the challenges    within    the    rapidly    developing    (bio)pharmaceutical market   and   to   get   ahead   of   your   competitors.   With   a   proven track   record   of   success ,   we   provide   tailored,   value   added solutions    to    our    clients     which    include    universities,    research institutes,    tech    transfer    offices,    life    science    investors,    and startup   companies,   as   well   as   mid-sized   and   large   inter national organisations from the biotech and the pharma ceutical sector. We   accompany   our   clients   on   a   flexible   and   indi vidual   basis   to exactly   meet   their   demands   in   order   to   reach   a   single   goal: Your success!
SciXess provides the following management services:
SciXess’ Biotech consulting:
helps   the   management   team   to   better   understand   their strategic options brings together money and technologies is an independent and objective platform of knowledge helps generating profit from innovative technologies provides a reasonable basis for investment decisions provides a highly qualified second opinion for investors helps to achieve the best return on investment provides relevant information on time and on budget   means analysis and experts advice on life science IPR provides high level patent strategic advice & IP-consulting generates maximum value from IP portfolios supports    companies    and    investors    conducting    IP    due diligence creates real added value on a cost effective basis
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