In   general,   rating   is   an   in   depth   analysis   and   evaluation   in   terms   of   quality   and   quantity.   SciXess attaches   great   importance   on   performing   their   analyses   -   independently   whether   it   is   a   matter   of   a company   or   a   technology   rating   -   unexceptionally   under   quantitative   and   qualitative   aspects .   We strongly   believe   that   company   and   technology   valuation   is   more   than   just   attaching   a   price   tag,   it   is   a complex   and   voluntary   process   that   ultimately   depends   on   the   experience   of   the   conducting   institution. SciXess ®    voluntarily   binds   itself   to   follow   the   strong   principles   of   credit   rating   agencies   as   defined   in   the IOSCO ’s   "Code   of   Conduct   Fundamentals   for   Credit   Rating   Agencies“   (International   Organization   of Securities Commissions) to guarantee: Independency, Objectivity, Credibility, and Disclosure of the complete rating / valuation process.
SciXess’ Biotech Business Valuation & Technology Rating services are designed to: Help the management team to better understand their strategic options Support you in generating profit from innovative technologies Support investment decisions Create real added value on a cost effective basis Be a highly qualified source for a second opinion Provide an independent and objective platform of experts’ knowledge  Provide     relevant     information     about     the     market     and     the     competitive environment of your technology or your (portfolio) company Help you to achieve the best return on your investment
In the rating of Life Science companies Rating Services AG (Munich) partners exclusively with sciXess. Together we have developed the Biotech Business valuation Tool in 2006. ® Biotech & Pharma Consulting
To   offer   our   clients   best   quality   company   ratings ,   SciXess ®    expanded   its   analytical   framework   through   a   close   collaboration   with   the   renowned Rating-Services   AG ,    R@S    (Munich)   (since   2010   part   of   F@S,   Financial   Services   Ltd.,   London   –   Munich).   As   a   pioneer   in   the   rating   of   SMEs throughout   all   industries,   as   well   as   funds   management   companies   (VC)   and   issuing   houses.   R@S   is   market   leader   and   reports   the   highest   number of   ratings   of   small   and   medium-sized   enterprises.   Together   with   R@S,   sciXess ®    developed   the   Biotech   Business   Valuation    Tool ”,   an   evaluation instrument   that   considers   the   characteristics   of   the   Biopharmaceutical   sector;   amongst   them   the   fact   that   R&D   costs   are   substantial   and   that intellectual property is an important economic asset in this industry.
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