SciXess ®    GmbH   (Germany)   is   an   independent   consulting   company,   exclusively   focused   on   the   Life   Sciences   Industry   (Biotech,   Pharmaceutical,   Diagnostic   and MedTech   companies).   SciXess ®    offers   hands-on   consulting   on   all   aspects   of   business   strategy ,   including   company   consulting,   patent   strategy   consulting, IP   in-   and   out-licensing,   strategic   alliances,   joint   ventures,   mergers   &   acquisitions   and   company   financing.   Basis   for   our   consulting   approach   is   our   long   lasting experience   and   our   strict   industry   focus.   Providing   this   in-depth   expertise   ultimately   supports   SciXess’   clients   in   their   decision   making   processes   and   in identifying   the   best   strategic   option. As   value   generation   in   the   life   sciences   industry   is   mainly   driven   by   innovations,   the   valuation   of   intellectual   property   rights and   an   in-depth   analysis   of   markets   and   competitors   is   a   central   element   of   any   assessment   approach   and   typically   SciXess’   starting   point   to   identify   your   best strategic option and to design a roadmap for you to put this option into practice. We invite you to experience the difference of sciXess ®  for your business!
We know that Biotech- and Pharma consulting as well as the valuation of innovations and technology driven companies is more than a business, it‘s a mission. That‘s why we are deeply committed to the needs of our clients. SciXess is a true strategic partner focusing on your industry and your special needs.
Dr.   Weiss   regularly   lectures   on   patent   rights   and   patent   valuation   at   the   Medical   University   Innsbruck . As   as   an   invited   speaker   of   the Academy   of   the   European Patent   Office    he   gives   lectures   on   patent   valuation   and   the   foundation   of   academic   spin-offs.   He   was   consortium   leader   of   the   FP6   EU-project   “Intellectual Property   Right   Asset   Management”   (IPRAM)   where   he   lectured   on   topics   dealing   with   “Intellectual   Property   and   how   to   make   money   out   of   it.”   throughout Europe.   He   is   one   of   the   strategic   advisors    of   biocat”    (Barcelona,   Spain),   the   Catalonian   Biotech   Cluster   Organization,   and   coach   at   the   German   “Science4Life”   and the Austrian “Best of Biotech”  business plan competitions.
Since its foundation in 2002, sciXess ®  GmbH is headed by Dr. Ludwig Weiss . He   has   more   than   20   years   of   hands   on   management   experience    in   the   Life   Sciences   Industry, combined with a strong scientific background . In   his   previous   positions   -   amongst   them   as   CEO   of   several   biotech   companies   -   Dr.   Weiss   was responsible for numerous licensing agreements, strategic alliances and M&A deals. He   studied   Biology    at   the   Ludwig-Maximilians-University    in   Munich   and   received   his   PhD   degree at   the    Max-Planck-Institute   of   Biochemistry    (Martinsried,   Germany)   where   he   headed   a   working group for many years, until he switched from the scientific to the business world. Before   founding   his   first   Biotech   company   he   received   a   Management   Degree    at   the   University   of Augsburg ,   where   he   also   became   a   certified   Rating   Analyst    through   a   qualification   by   Standard   & Poor’s and the University of Augsburg. In   addition,   Dr.   Weiss   finished   a   study   of   international   patent   and   trade   mark   law    at   the   University   of Applied    Sciences    in    Berlin    and    a    study    of    patent    management     at    the    Management    Center Innsbruck .
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