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To   give   you   an   idea   about   our   work   and   how   SciXess’   consulting   activities   are   structured   we   have   briefly   summarized   a   typical   process   of   an   out-licensing   deal. SciXess ®    brings   in   hands-on   professional   experience   throughout   the   whole   licensing   process .   At   SciXess ® ,   the   identification   of   potential   licensing partners   is   just   the   start   of   a   successful   partnership   with   our   clients.   We   do   also   support   you   during   the   due   diligence   process,   perform   technology   /   patent valuations and conduct licensing negotiations which finally end in the closing of one or more licensing agreement(s) corresponding to your expectations.
The   out-licensing   cascade   typically   starts   with   the   preparation   of   a   Non-Confidential   Information   Package (NCIP).   Such   a   "teaser"   presents   the   technology,   its   application   and   its   unique   selling   proposition   in   clear and persuasive words, but without providing confidential information. SciXess’ contribution: Discuss the objectives and needs with our client company. Define the licensing / M&A strategy with our client company. Prepare an attractive Non-Confidential Information Package / Investment Proposal.
In   our   opinion   valuation   is   not   just   putting   a   price   tag   on   a   patent.   We   strongly   believe   that   only   the combination   of   a   qualitative   and   a   quantitative   approach   -   a   procedure   which   is   well   established   and characteristic for credit ratings - leads to the “real” value of intellectual property. SciXess’ contribution: Perform a qualitative and a quantitative IP-rating. Discuss the IP-rating result with our client company. Define a licensing strategy according to the client company’s financial and / or operational needs.
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more information more information Patent Valuation & Due Diligence: Patent Valuation & Due Diligence: Target Identification: Target Identification:
Due   to   our   long   lasting   history   in   licensing   technologies   and   realizing   M&A   deals,   SciXess ®    has   built   up   an excellent   personal   network   to   opinion   leaders   and   high   level   management   capacities   ranging   from   academic institutes and Biotech companies up to the top ten Pharmaceutical Companies. SciXess’ contribution: Identify potential transaction partners and compile a prioritized list (“short list”). Perform initial conversations and distribute the NCIP to selected network partners. Follow-up communication and closing of CDAs with interested transaction partners. Follow up meetings with our Client and strategic coordination of the licensing process. Preparation of a Confidential Information Package (CIP).
Licensing / Deal Negotiation: Licensing / Deal Negotiation:
SciXess ®    assists   you   in   the   preparation   of   the   Confidential   Information   Package   (CIP)   and   the   due-diligence   documents   so   that   they   fulfill   the   industry   standards. From   negotiating   and   closing   numerous   agreements   and   from   the   valuation   of   many   biotech   companies   we   have   in   depth   experience   in   setting   up   licensing strategies   and   negotiating   licensing   contracts   &   share   deals.   Knowing   the   industry   standards   speeds   up   the   process   and   makes   it   much   more   efficient   to   the   benefit of our clients. SciXess’ contribution: CIP-presentation together with our client at selected transaction partners; Selection & prioritization of the best candidates; Initiate deal term discussions. Performing the complete due-diligence process including onsite data room visits (technical-, financial-, IP due diligence etc. as required). Follow-up meetings together with our client company and the best finalist candidates to negotiate the deal terms in detail. Meet or exceed the expectations and needs of our client company. Preparation of the formal documents together with legal advisors from our client company or renowned and experienced legal advisors from SciXess ® . Successful closing of one or more deal(s) between our client company and one or more of the potential transaction partners.
Follow up Process: Follow up Process:
If requested, SciXess ®  will also accompany you after the closing of the contracts and support you in putting the deal terms into practice. SciXess’s contribution: Follow up meetings with our client company and strategic and operative implementation of the stipulations.
You can benefit from our extensive experience also before and after entering into the licensing process. Before starting the licensing process we will work out a professional patent strategy that fits best to your financial and commercial needs and after the closing of the deal we will support you in implementing the stipulations of the agreement in your company. We forge alliances that work! Since more than 15 years.
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